Wednesday, 10 August 2016

White Dragon Miniatures!

I started the immense task of painting up all the 15mm miniatures I acquired in the White Dragon Kickstarter.  I have about 60% of the infantry done so far, but have most of the mechs undone as of yet.  

There is a crazy amount of detail on these 15mm minis and I'm afraid my sad attempts at painting don't do them justice!   However, I went for harsh highlights to make them pop on the tabletop.

Painted while listening to:  Ghost Run by J.L. Bourne

Hopefully the last in the series, as it was "Meh".

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

15mm Ikwen

I came across these miniatures on the site and really liked their look.  These are 15mm miniatures and I picked up the platoon deal they have on the website.

I painted up all these after about three days of straight working on them.  As always with 15mm, I try to kick up the contrast and brighten the colours.  I am extremely happy with how they came out!

Painted while listening to:  The Eaton by John K. Addis

This book was quite a surprise!  I really enjoyed it.  Horror fans will enjoy it.  :-)

Death Dog and Transluscent Tendrils

I finished up these three miniatures very quickly - a Death Dog from Reaper, and Shadow Tentacles from Reaper Bones.

Mainly drybrushing on the dog, and just basing on the tentacles.

Painted while listening to:  Don't Read Alone by Paul Finch

Hmmmm...most of the stories were okay.  The last one (and the longest) really stands out and makes me think back to it days after I listened to it.  Great narrator too!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Armies Army 15mm Bogatyr MBT and BTR 290 APC

I finally took some pictures of the Armies Army Bogatyr and BTR 290 that my friend Grant airbrushed for me.  Brigade Games Polish 15mm painted by me and added for scale.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

15mm Brigade Models Polish

I am determined to take pictures of the stuff I paint!  Did these a month or so ago - 15mm sci-fi Polish, used as Neo-Russians by myself.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Vampire in Bat Form and Wraith!

I am surprised at how fast these two painted up, and how great they look!  Both are Reaper miniatures.

Painted while listening to:  Morning Star by Pierce Brown

A great conclusion to this sci-fi series!  I really enjoyed all three books - highly recommended!