Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WW1 Naval Game Jan 25th 2015

My friend Grant and I decided to give WW1 Naval action a go.  I've never painted up something like that before, so it was a bit of a challenge.  I think my ships turned out ok:

We tried out the Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnaughts rules and they were quite good!  The bigger ships can sure take a pounding.  Torpedo boats are fragile, but deadly if they score a hit - I quickly learned that they do not fire from the front!  ;-)

Puppy pic!  

Saturday, 24 January 2015

More Terrain!

After the successful attempt at making terrain, I went on a bit of a binge and made a few more:

This one has one of those plastic LOTR statues glued to it, with some yellow flowers to make it stand out a bit.

The Celtic Cross is from Fenris Games, and makes for a great piece of terrain!

More plastic LOTR terrain.  I like how the leaves turned out and the white flowers look good on it.

All flower tufts are from Tajima1 Miniatures, and are easy to put on and look great!

The above are two different pieces, with different wall sections.  I bought these off eBay, and don't know the manufacturer.  I added a resin branch I just got in the mail from Model Display Products, in one of their boxed sets - their website isn't loading when I write this so I can't link it for you.

Overall, I am very happy with how they came out!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Planetfall Directorate "Informer" Light Recon Buggy

I liked the look of the new Spartan Games Planetfall 10mm miniatures, so I picked up the main box and a few other helixes.  I wasn't sure how they'd paint up, so I tried out a colour scheme on one of the buggies:

The bases are built into the miniature, so you're stuck with it if you don't like bases on your vehicles - I usually don't but I think these look good.

I think it turned out ok, and will be using this colour scheme for the rest of the Directorate forces.

Dip Test

Here's a picture of the Sedition Wars miniature I tested out "the dip" on. 

I didn't actually dip the miniature, but brushed it on.  I used Army Painter Dark Tone - I think it came out ok, I was only going for tabletop quality.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Atmospheric Terrain!

I had picked up a few packs of the Kraken Skulls Scatter Terrain Bases when I ordered a paint rack from them.  I'm not much of a handyman, and having these terrain bases pre-cut for me was a godsend!  ;-)

I added a few bits of resin terrain, pasted on some drywall filler for texture on the base, added some various rocks, etc.  After that they were painted in a few different colours, gave a good slathering of "The Dip", and (when dry) added various flocks and details.

It was my first time using the Army Painter Dark Tone dip, which I also tried on a Sedition Wars miniature to see how it would come out.  I think they turned out quite well!

The statue is from Thomarillion, called "By the Wayside".  It is a very nice, LOTR-like statue.  The tree is from Woodland Scenics, with some GF9 orange/red scatter below the tree.

The pyramid-like bit is from Fenris Games, the plinth gravestone is from Renedra, and the bush is scratch-made, with a train store bush frame and flock added.  

Again, the little plinthy thing is from Fenris Games, with a plant pot (from a mourner?) from JTT Scenery Products bought from a train store.  Kinda pricey, but I really like the added touch to the piece.

I am a huge fan of the Fenris Games terrain, and have bought the Loyalty Card when you would get double the amount you put in!  I predict lots of nice resin scenery in the new year.  :-)

I'm very happy with how these came out, and will add some nice atmospheric scenery to my tabletop!