Monday, 26 August 2013

Absence Aug 27 - Sept 12

I started a new day job a month or so ago, and will be going out into the field for two weeks at a time.  So I won't be updating the blog until after my return on September 12th.  

The positive side is that I will have two weeks off from work after that, so I will have plenty of updates then!  Hopefully the T-34 and KV-1 I ordered from Warlord Games will have been delivered by then...

I bought some miniatures from Brigade Games a while ago, and hopefully those will be at home when I get back as well!  :-)  I look forward to painting up some gangsters and other cool stuff I've been wanting to get from Brigade for a long time!

So have a great few weeks and I'll get back to posting soon!


Friday, 23 August 2013

Russian Commissar, Flag Girl and Tank Hunters

I had this week off, and have been doing crazy amounts of painting!  I have only been posting some of the many, many Russians I have painted.  Here's a pic of the red horde so far:

I just finished assembling the two storey house yesterday.  The bare miniatures at the bottom right are future Harwood Hobbies releases!  :-)

Here's some pictures of another commissar and the forward air observer:

I used some decals from an old tank kit I had sitting around.  I like the colour of the hats, and have been using that scheme for the unassociated or miscellaneous officers, etc.  Flag girl (as I call her) is a Bolt Action mini, and the commissar is from Artizan.

I have a lot of flamethrower miniatures for some reason, and I painted up a couple from Black Tree Designs.

The above four miniatures are my tank hunters, made from the Warlord Games plastic set.  The plastic minis grew on me a bit, but I still prefer metal.  The guy in the first picture on the right looks a bit dodgy - I don't know what the sculpted facial features were supposed to be.  Maybe of asian heritage?  

Doing double damage on tanks really make them dangerous!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Russian SMG Squad and Maxim

Sorry for my lack of an update - I was out of town for a while.  For this update, I have most of a Russian submachine-gun squad and a Maxim gun team.  The miniatures are a mix of Artizan, Crusader, and Warlord Games.

These miniatures were great to paint and I did them in batches of seven or so at a time.  I went with the brown fuzzy hats this time, instead of the grey.  I'm doing that so I can tell the different units apart.  I just wish the red stars on the hats were a bit more defined instead of being a blob.

The Maxim team took me a little while to do, and the way the gunner and loader were sculpted they lean forward too much.  I had to put down some plasticard on the base in order to prop them up to the right height.  The gun only has two miniatures, so I used one of the plastics from the Warlord set to round out the team to three members.

I really like the look of the Maxim gun, and will look great on the tabletop...especially when I'm gunning down my opponent's Germans...  ;-)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Russian LMG Teams, Commissar, and Sniper

I have some more Russians for you this week.  This time some Light Machine Gun teams, a Commissar and Sniper.  All are from Artizan Designs.

I'm happy with how these miniatures turned out.  The star on the helmet of the commissar is a bit too big, but it was the smallest one I had!  I'll have to find a source for some smaller ones.  I just wanted the guy to stand out a bit more on the tabletop...

I think the faces turned out well, especially on the LMG teams.  I like the fuzzy hats and went with a grey colour for them - I'm thinking of differentiating different units by the colour of their hats.

One weird thing is that the commissar's pistol hand....didn't have any fingers on the back!!!  Luckily I have the plastic box from Warlord Games and on the weapon sprue is a hand with pistol!  So I chopped off the mutant gun hand and put on the plastic one.  I can't really tell that I did that so I think it turned out well.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Russians Are Here!!!

Sorry for the lack of an update last week, but now the Russians are here!!!

All of these miniatures are from Artizan Designs.  Sadly, there range of Russians are a bit limited - so I've had to get a variety of miniatures from a few different manufacturers.  You'll be seeing some of them in later weeks. 

These were very easy to paint, but it did take me a little while to get used to the colour schemes the Russkies used.  I like how the fur hats turned out.