Monday, 27 August 2012

Nosferatu and Ghouls

I finally found a Nosferatu I really like - Reaper's Matthias the Twisted (02867):

I see him creeping around crypts and other forgotten places with his rats swarming everywhere.  I like how he's a bit haggard looking, like he doesn't care about his appearance.  The little rats were a neat touch by the sculptor! 

What's a Nosferatu without some ghouls?  Aside from the Heresy ghouls, the only other ones I care for are the Mantic ones:

I'm not a huge fan of plastics, but I really like these!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Mummy Madness!

The latest off of my painting table is a couple of Reaper mummies.  I really like these two models, especially the one with the headdress. 

Up first is Sokar's Prophet, Nefsokar Cleric (14242):

I enjoyed painting the head of the model the most, being able to bring some colour to a potentially drab mummy.  I was happy with how the eyes came out, and it took me ages to decide on how to paint the canopic jar - I think the black and green came out well, but not enough to draw attention away from those hypnotic eyes....
The base is from Fat Spider.

I also painted Nefsokar Awakened (14399), but with a more unitone colour scheme.  Still, I think he came out quite well!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Voodoo Practitioners

This week I have two Reaper miniatures for you, both of them specialists in the art of Voodoo! 

First up is Dr. VooDoo Super Villain (50121) - he was very easy to paint.  I wasn't sure what colour to paint the skull on his cane, so I thought I'd go with something a little garish to make it stand out.  I added a little blood on the base to make it seem like the chicken was just sacrificed in a voodoo ritual.  The base is from Fat Spider.

Lastly is Rhasia, Zombie Master (14512).  I must say I was a bit intimidated to paint her, but once I got started she practically painted herself.  I was a bit surprised when I read that she was sculpted by Julie Guthrie - it doesn't really look like her style to me.  I'm pleasantly surprised with how way the skin came out.  The base is just a lipped base filled in with White Putty and the tufts are Highland Tuft by Army Painter.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

I'm finally feeling back to normal after being sick for a few weeks.  Today I have Reaper's Edny, Crazy Cat Lady:

When I first saw this miniature, I thought she would make a great witch!  And of course, she has her feline familiars accompanying her.  The base is from Fat Spider, static grass from Woodland Scenics and leaf litter from Antenociti's Workshop.  She was very easy to paint, and it gave me time to try out some more garish colours.