Sunday, 12 July 2015

10mm WW2 Eastern Front Battle

I was lucky to finally have enough terrain and miniatures to play a game of Battlegroup Kursk with my 10mm miniatures.

Grant and I had a great time trying out the rules - definitely one of the best sets we've played so far!

The two above pics are the initial terrain setup on the table.  The buildings are all from Escenografia Epsilon (which I picked up at Pendraken).  See my previous posts for reviews on them.   The church is an N scale railroad model I picked up on eBay.  It has the cool Russian spire.  I was lucky to find it!  I still have to re-paint it and make a nice base for it.  I plan to magnetize the Epsilon buildings on bases as well.  You can see the Hotz felt fields, rubber roads and haystacks I mentioned in my previous post.

 Lots of Russians!!!  :-)  I pushed hard with the tanks to catch Grant off guard, and succeeded.  I had cleared most of the right side of the table before we called it a game. 

Probably one of my favourite buys - farm animals!!!!  I bought these on eBay and stuck them on some flocked bases.  They really add a little something extra to the game.

Grant's infantry didn't really see much action.  They crept along the left side of the table taking mortar fire.  If we hadn't called it a game when we did the infantry would have been stuck in with mine.  

It was just a trial game for both of us, and we really enjoyed the rules.  We played parts incorrectly and it will be good next time to see how it goes. 

Pooch pic!


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Haystacks, Roads, and Fields for 10mm WW2

I picked up a few various bits of terrain for my 10mm WW2 gaming.  

First up are some haystacks I bought from a seller on eBay:

They size up decently next to a Stug III G.  I think they were made for FOW, but works for me in 10mm.

I took a risk and ordered some of the Hotz felt fields.  They arrived in normal shipping time and are AWESOME!  I really like them and they add a lot to the battlefield.  I'll be posting pics of a recent game soon so you can see them in action.

Lastly I purchased some latex rubber roads from Monday Knight Productions.  I got a mix of various road types and painted and flocked them.  Took a while to do since I got a bunch of them, but well worth it!  

It was a bit pricey for the whack that I got, but well worth it as they will last.  They are extremely good for gaming and because of their flexibility can bend to rises or falls in terrain.  One thing I noticed is that the "dip" did not dry fully and was still tacky after two days of drying.  Weird!  I slapped on some PVA and that did the trick.