Friday, 30 October 2015

15mm Sci-Fi: The Dictators!

I wanted to try something a little different and decided to give 15mm sci-fi a go!  I picked up some miniatures from Khurasan that I liked (their website is currently down) and tried to make the paintjobs brighter than I usually would so they "pop" on the table.

Above you can see a crappy close-up picture of my test paint figure, and went with that colour scheme for the rest of the force.  The "Jungle Buggy" is a Hot Wheels car (I've since picked up a bunch more of them) that I will paint as transport.  It's called Aero Pod, which is a bit tricky with the Jungle Buggy name on it.  ;-)

I really tried to make the colours stand out and overexaggerate my highlights in order to make them stand out on the table.  I like the colour scheme I came up with and look forward to picking up more of these to paint!

I have some Clear Horizons Hura on the table next, and am prepping up a bunch more 15mm minis.

Painted while listening to:  Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is some very cool sci-fi!  I'm on to the second book now...   :-)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


More proxies done for playtesting the gothic horror rules - demons!  Capable of being summoned by witches and occultists, they are fierce creatures to come face to face with!

The above three are Hell Hounds by Heresy.  They are a b***h to assemble!  I used a two part epoxy glue to cement the parts together.  However, they are excellent sculpts and look great once completed.  I used "the dip" for all of the demons, with a highlight afterwards with red and orange.  I think they came all out great!

Both pictures above are miniatures from the Malifaux game.  The top ones I will use as Imps and the bottom three as minor demons.  I tried some fancy paintwork on the "smoke" effect.  All of the bases are from Model Display Products.  The lines are meant to represent summoning circles.

The last one is a Void creature that can be summoned.  It is a Reaper miniature from their Bones line.  Quite cheap and it was fairly easy to paint.  I just did a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone (not the dip) and a quick drybrush.

Miniatures painted while listening to:  Lord of All Things by Andreas Eschbach

It's an interesting book about nanotechnology and I enjoyed it, but it seemed a bit far fetched.  The start was really slow but zoomed along by the end. 

Concept Artwork for Cultist Kickstarter

More miniatures are being sculpted, so nothing new on that front to show you.  However, I do have some concept artwork:

Any idea where I had the inspiration for these characters???   ;-)

Dregs and Ghoul King

Just got back from vacation a few days ago - sorry for the lack of updates.  I finished these two up a while ago:

The two "dregs" are from Reaper, while the Ghoul King is from Heresy.  I didn't spend too much time on them as you can see.  ;-)  Quickly dipped and based.  I tried a bit of rust on the dregs' weapons.  The base of the Ghoul King is from Model Display Products - I really liked the sculpted circle bit on this one.