Saturday, 6 December 2014

More 10mm WW2 Germans

These 10mm miniatures sure paint up fast!  I have another platoon done, with a MG42 for support, as well as two PAK 40 anti-tank guns.

All are from Pendraken, and I just placed another order for more - they really do paint up fast!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

10mm World War Two Germans!

So it was fine for something a little different.  I've been wanting to do WW2 minis, but had a hard time deciding on the scale.  I have already done 28mm Fallschirmjager and Russians, but wanted something on a "bigger scale".  6mm was a bit too small - 10mm was perfect!

And of course the photographs show me every little mistake that I made.  *sigh*

I'm really enjoying this scale, and already have another German platoon and two Pak 40 anti-tank guns almost done.

The miniatures are all from Pendraken, and most of the poses are great.  I did them assembly-line, glued on wooden sticksThe bases are 25mm x 25mm ones from Minibits.  Fantastic bases!  I did the bases like an up-scaled version of the ones I did for the modern micro-armour.

Final Batch of Spaceships for a While

Okay, I think I've done enough spaceships for a while.  ;-)

The big fella is a Harmony-Class Superdreadnaught, and the fighters/bombers are the same as the ones I posted previously.

This ship took me a long time to paint, and I put it aside at times when I was painting other ships.  Finally it is done!