Friday, 27 November 2015

15mm Insurgents

Just a few quick pics of some of the 15mm Insurgents from Armies Army that I picked up and finished the other day.


Thursday, 26 November 2015


My friend is gung-ho about the upcoming Romans & Monsters rules (which I think is coming up from Osprey, and doubt that's what it's called) and Argonauts are a faction in there.  I've been wanting to paint these forever, and finally got some done!


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cultist Kickstarter Launched!

I have finally launched my 28mm Cultist Kickstarter!  I'd appreciate if you would take a look at it and hopefully pledge so I can make more miniatures!  ;-)


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

3D Sculpt for Cultist Kickstarter

I'm taking the plunge and trying out 3D sculpting/printing!  Seems like it's the future of miniatures, and I'm curious to see how this fella turns out:

He's a demon that can be summoned by the cultists.  I just ordered him from a 3D printing company and I'm very curious to see how well he prints out!

The good thing with digital sculpting like this is you can do the miniature in multiple scales.  I'm thinking of having 15mm available as an option on the kickstarter...

I have the same sculptor working on some cultists as well.  I'm hoping for a late Nov kickstarter start date!

15mm Hura Technocracy

On the heels of the 15mm Dictators, I painted up some 15mm Hura aliens from Clear Horizon.


Again, I went for bright colours with these guys.  They were a blast to paint, and will probably pick up some more.
Painted while listening to:  Golden Son by Pierce Brown
The Golden Son is the sequel to Red Rising.  I didn't think it could trump the first book, but it was just as good as it!  I must say I was surprised to see what happened throughout the story, and leaves you with a hell of a cliffhanger!