Saturday, 30 November 2013

Russian ZIS-3

I rushed to get this gun finished in time for a game, but then had to cut it in order to trim down some points!  LOL! 

I probably could have squeezed it on to a smaller base, but oh well.  It's a big gun, so it gets a big base!  :-)  This is the ZIS-3 76mm Divisional Gun from Warlord Games.  I had to look online at pictures of the gun in order to figure out where the gun shield went, etc.  No biggie. 

I used a 2-part epoxy glue to cement the thing on there, as well as the gun shield and wheels.  I didn't want them to be falling off on me as there's not much holding the gun shield on there, and the only contact points to the base are the wheels and legs.

The gun came with three crew, but the rulebook says it needs a fourth.  I had a spare figure from the Forward Observer pack, so I added him on there.

I like how you can use this in Bolt Action as either an AT-gun or as a light artillery piece.  Good flexibility, depending on what your opponent brings to the table.  I knew my nemesis wouldn't be bringing tanks, so felt fine leaving this one behind at home.

Painted while listening to:  Wayward by Blake Crouch


Wayward is the sequel to Pines.  I'm finding this one less exciting as you already know what's going on in Wayward Pines from the previous book.  Aside from that, the book is good so far!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Uruk Hai Berserkers and the Last of the Scouts

I really powered through the scouts, and wanted to do something a little different.


I realize that I'm not good at painting hands!  LOL!  Ah well, good enough.  I had fun painting these guys.  They are very easy to paint, but I think that's all I have of them (for now).



These are the last of the scouts that I'll be doing for now.  I have a good sized force of them, but will still have to paint Lurtz!

I just finished painting a ZIS-3 gun for my WW2 Russians, and am doing some Russian scouts as well.  I'll be having a game of Bolt Action tomorrow so I should have some pictures of the game for you (if I remember my camera this time).  :-)

Painted while listening to:  Pines by Blake Crouch

I came across this audiobook from the "People who bought this also bought..." section on one of my other listens.  I must say that this was an awesome book!  I really enjoyed it.  If you are a sci-fi person who likes shows like The Outer Limits, you'll like this book.  I'm listening to the sequel right now...

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Even more Scouts!

I have a whole whack more of Uruk Hai Scouts done:


I'm getting quite the force of these guys now.  I'll probably do a few more rounds of these, then work on something new.

Painted while listening to:  Frozen Frights 1

A collection of scary stories that aren't that bad.  Some are better than others, with some narration better than others as well.  It's only 5 or so hours long, and I managed to get through this in one day.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dumping the Body

This one took me a while to do, having three miniatures.  It was broken up into three pieces - I had to pin the arms to the shoulders of the dead guy in order to make sure it stayed on there.


I had to use a huge base to get them all on there.  I added a gravestone and crow from the Renedra graveyard set for a little extra flavour.  A few of the tufts that I used were a bit larger than usual since I had more room to work with. 

It was fun to paint this little scene.  I enjoyed seeing it all come together and really enjoyed these miniatures from The Foundry.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

More Uruk Hai Scouts

I've been flying through these Uruk Hai scouts lately.  Here's four more:

These guys are super easy to paint.  I've been prepping up a lot of LOTR miniatures lately.  I've always been intimidated painting any LOTR miniatures for some reason.  Completing these Uruk Hai that I've done recently really helped getting over that feeling.

I have a few more scouts done and a "dumping the body" scene to complement the grave robbers.  I added a few leaves and grass to the previous miniatures that I forgot to complete.

Painted while listening to:  The Abominable

Well, I'm almost done the audiobook and it's taken a turn I didn't see coming.  Interesting but not what I was hoping for.  Simmons really captures the feeling of how dangerous it is to climb in the freezing cold and at high altitude.  Meh, I liked The Terror better and wanted this book to be something like that.

Monday, 18 November 2013

LOTR Uruk Hai Scouts

Now for something a little different:  Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai ScoutsI'm doing these four at a time, two for me and two for the basement renovator.  :-)

 These are mine:

I spent less time on these than usual to bring them to a tabletop standard.  I'm happy with how they came out and I can pump out a lot of these in a day.

On a frustrating note, the Harwood Hobbies website is down.  I'm having trouble with Lunarpages who hosts the site.  I'm waiting to hear back from their support team (it's been a few days now).  Frustrating!

Painted while listening to:  The Abominable

Well, I'm about 2/3 of the way through the audiobook and things are finally picking up...and not in a way that I expected.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

More Grave Robbers!

I finished off two more of the grave robbers:

I really like how these came out...but I realize now that I forgot to add grass and the leaves to the base!  Argh!  I'll probably add a few on.

Painted while listening to:  The Abominable

Dan Simmons is way too verbose sometimes...well, most of the time in this book.  It feels like I'm listening to the biography of a climber, and he goes into technical detail about climbing and climbing equipment.  Things are getting a bit more exciting though - about half way through.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Grave Robbers!

I bought a few packs of Foundry miniatures on eBay (free shipping!) that I've been wanting to get for a long time.  

The top one is from VC024 Dumping the Body, while the other two are from the VC017 Resurrectionists pack.  They're a bit pricey, and I probably wouldn't have got them if it wasn't for the free shipping.  There's a lot of other Victorian packs I'll get eventually when I feel the desire to "splurge".  :-)

They were very easy to paint and I love the theme!   The bases are from Fenris Games, and have a Lovecraftian/Graveyard feel to them. 

I've been buying a lot of Lord of the Rings GW miniatures on eBay.  I'm paying a friend in painted minis in exchange for completing my new basement.  :-)  I'm looking forward to having a man-cave with actual finished walls!

I have a few other grave robbers done and will post pictures tomorrow. 

Painted while listening to:  The Abominable

Thursday, 14 November 2013

More 6mm Soviet tanks, AFV and my Sad Attempts at Painting my own Miniatures

Oh boy, it's been a long time since I updated the blog.  After finishing working for two weeks, I had a busy four days with my wife.  I didn't really have any time to paint until recently.  Here's the result:

A few more T-64s.

Four more BMP-1s, these re-sculpted ones by GHQ are fantastic!

Ugh!  I didn't realize drybrushing the metal onto the MG turret left little flecks on the surface.

These pictures are of the same two trucks.  I tried out some decals on the doors - damn are they tiny!  Decals by Dom's Decals.

I also have three helicopters painted up but am looking to have some rotors done in acrylic by Litko or some other place.  No luck yet...

Lastly, three of my own miniatures, painted sadly by myself.  These are "those miniatures" that I worked on for a bit, then put them aside when my attention was captivated by something else, worked on for a bit, etc.  I think I started them at the beginning of the year!  Due to this, I don't think they turned out all that well - but good enough for the tabletop!

All of them are Kali cultists from the Sinbad range on my site.  I tried a darker looking skin tone on these and am happy with the results - I used Vallejo Panzer Aces 341 Flesh Base.

And a little treat for my blog friends - pictures of painted upcoming releases, painted by Stone Cold Lead (Simon Bradley).  Awesome painting as usual!  I love that guy!  :-)