Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mr. Karswell Painted

I got Mr. Karswell painted up quickly over the last day or so, along with a few zombies that will be released soon (ones I purchased from Tengu).

 Of course, looking at the picture now I realize I forgot to add the gloss varnish to the blood.  Will have to add that.  ;-)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mr. Karswell Arrives

I received the casts of Mr. Karswell (as well as the axe cultists and a bunch of other minis) the other day and he looks great!  I'm happy to finally have him produced!

Howl & Hidden Movie Reviews

I took the time to watch a few movies, and came across a few horror gems:


Quite obviously a werewolf movie, this is a UK film that was surprisingly good.  The werewolves weren't the usual ones you see in movies, and were more of demony-looking than anything else.  Still, very good movie with a good cast and a strange setting - a train stopped in the middle of the countryside.


By far the best of the two, this one took me by surprise - especially the ending.  It felt like a Twilight Zone episode, just longer and better produced.  Most of the movie taken place in a bomb shelter, and has only three cast for the most part.  The flashbacks of what is going on are particularly good and the very end was fantastic.  Highly recommended!

Crates, Barrels and Debris Piles

I recently got my Warts & Wings kickstarter pledge in the mail, and thought I'd do something different and paint them up.

All are cast in resin and have extremely little in the way of bubbles, which is great!  All were done using "the dip" and quickly drybrushed afterwards.

Here's a bad pic of the Legolases in the back of the last picture, once finished:

Planetfall Painting Craziness!

Okay, I know it's been a while - but I've been busy!  I got a LOT of the Planetfall minis painted:



I just finished the last picture of the Terran tanks today, and will be working on more Terrans soon.

Painted while listening to:  Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I've read all of the Preston & Child books and some are better than others - this book is one of them.  It's a Penderghast stand-alone, which are the ones I like better than the continued storyline ones.  It has a good historical mystery in it and a twist near the end which I didn't see coming.  I won't spoil the very very end of it, but it ties into the continued storyline and I didn't enjoy it.  Too over-the-top for me.  Other than that highly recommended!