Tuesday, 14 October 2014

15mm Assyrian Archers!

Okay, time for something a little different!  15mm Assyrians!

These are from Old Glory, and they have a few poses in the pack.  I have based them for Impetus.

You think, since it's a smaller scale they'll be quicker to paint right?  WRONG!  It took me quite a while to get these guys done.  The quality is decent from Old Glory, and I also have some Essex Assyrians to do as well.

Painted while listening to:  Twilight Zone Radio Dramas Vol 1

I thought I'd give the Twilight Zone a shot.  It wasn't bad.  Some really good stories, some okay and some meh.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

More Zandris IV Spaceships!

I enjoyed finishing painting up those last few Zandris IV spaceships that I had a go at some more:

From left to right we have:  Negotiator-Class Heavy Destroyer, Thug-Class Missile Frigate, Edict-Class Beam Cruiser, and a Mercenary-Class Assault Frigate.  On the two smaller ships, they are based on 20mm round bases from Minibits.  I really like the bases from Minibits, they are great to use and are super cheap!

And these are plasma blasts from Ninja Magic.  Their little bases are from Litko.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Harwood Hobbies Kickstarter Launched!

I have just launched the Harwood Hobbies kickstarter.  I am looking to raise enough to get these miniatures cast up.  They have all been sculpted so there is basically no risk to my backers.  Most are 28mm (some of the monsters are bigger) and are priced at a discount for the kickstarter.

Your help to get these miniatures to the public will be much appreciated! 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jarrem Lee - Ghost Hunter

I came across this series of radio dramas on audible a little while ago - Jarrem Lee, Ghost Hunter.  I LOVED IT!!!!  It's right up my alley, and follows along in the footsteps of Carnacki, John Silence and other occult detectives in the Victorian era. 

Keep in mind they are radio dramas and not audiobooks - they have the full sound effects added to them.  I am a fan of relic radio and the old radio dramas of the 1940's - 60's so this really fit the bill.

I loved the voice actor who played Jarrem Lee, but his chemist sidekick was abysmal!  He did get a little bit better over the six volumes, but not much.  Jarrem is basically Sherlock Holmes, but likes to draw pentagrams and fight off supernatural forces. 

If you are a fan of the old occult detectives or like radio dramas, check these ones out!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Zandris IV Spaceships!

And now for something completely different...spaceships!  I started these about a year ago and finally got around to finishing them.  I think I got burnt out on the yellow.

Once I got going I really enjoyed painting these and like how they turned out.


They are an Emissary-Class Assault Cruiser and three Contractor-Class Missile Destroyers from Zandris IV.   They took longer than I thought to paint, but I do have a bunch of new ones on the painting table - so that says how much I liked painting them and how they came out!

Not So Great Gothic Painting

I am not too proud of how these ones came out.  I got a bit sidetracked going other things and rushed to finish them.

The detective and The Ripper are from West Wind's Empire of the Dead.  The big fella is a miniature from Malifaux.