Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tibetan Monks

What is a hunt for the Yeti without Tibetan monks!?!?!  I picked up a pack of monks from Pulp Figures and quickly painted them up.  With the limited colours involved, they were easy to paint.

Sorry for the blurry bottom picture, my camera just wouldn't focus properly.  I used some of my flower tufts to spice things up a bit.

The buddha statue was included with the pack, and the lectern is from the cultist pack which I finished earlier.  I'm not entirely happy with the painting of it, but it's good enough!  The lipped bases are from Model Display Products, and the boy monk is on a small 20mm base.  Model Display Products have some new base styles up, so check them out!

Three New Releases at HH!

I've put up three new miniatures in the Sinbad store at the Harwood Hobbies website:  Siren, Kali Cultist and Kali Cultist Deathdealer.

I really like the Deathdealer, which is one of my favourite sculpts!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Storybook Witches

I picked up these Westwind Storybook Witches a long time ago and finally got around to painting half of them.  The other two are on their brooms and I might have a go at them later.

I went with a Charlie Brown-style witch, with green skin!  With the sculpting of the face being the way it is, I think it suits the miniature.

I didn't spend much time on these - I felt like doing something a little different from the usual, and these scratched the itch.

Next week are some Pulp Figures Tibetan Monks!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fenris and Wolves

I was a backer for the Red Box Games kickstarter, and basically did so in order to get these miniatures.  I do not like any of the other wolf miniatures that are out there.  I want my wolves looking scary and mean, and these really fit the bill.

I based Fenris (the big wolf) on a large lipped base, put a Renedra plastic gravestone on it, filled it in with white putty and some sand.  I did the painting fast - basically just a drybrushing of different shades of grey.  One thing I didn't like about him was the separate legs - I had to pin one of them on and managed to get the other to stay with glue.  It's a minor quibble, but it was something I found annoying.  Fenris is made of resin, which is not my favourite material but was easy to work with and the mould lines were minor and easy to clean up.

The smaller wolves came with the heads detached, which will help when I get more of them so I can make them look a little different.  The bases are from Fenris Games (I didn't intentionally pick them just for the name!) and fit well with the gothic horror theme I plan to use the wolves with.

I am happy I finally found some wolves that I really like and look forward to getting some more of them when Tre Manor has them for sale on his website.  Highly recommended! 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kali Cultists

One cult done, next one started!  This time it is Kali cultists.  I picked up a pack of them from Pulp Figures, and will have to get some more for sure!   The one on the far left is a Thugee Cultist from Reaper.

One thing I hate about taking pictures is you can really see your mistakes!  So please forgive the sad painting. 

I stuck with the limited colours and liked the yellow that Bob Murch had in his catalogue pics, so I went with that.  I picked a similar base to the other cultists, but with a bit of a ruined theme to it, as I see them underground in a not-so-pristine temple.

They were great to paint, but the yellow took a little bit of extra time to get right.  Next week I'll have some of the new wolves from the Red Box Kickstarter!  I was very excited to get these, as I couldn't find any wolves suitable for a Gothic Horror style game.  None of the existing miniatures looked...scary, until now...