Saturday, 16 August 2014

First of the Secrets of the Third Reich Germans!

I ordered a ton of Secrets of the Third Reich (SOTR) miniatures when Wayland Games had their summer sale on.  Up to 50 % off!  There was no better time to get in than now!

After trying out a colour scheme, I pumped out my first batch:

I'm happy with their look and basing.  They're easy to paint and I've been working furiously on lots more!  However, I have been distracted because of a recent 6mm Cold War game I played with a friend.  Now I have a bunch of Soviet tanks and vehicles on nails ready to be painted...

Painted while listening to:  The Kraken Project by Douglas Preston

I've read most of the Lincoln/Child books and their stand-alone novels.  I was looking forward to this one - I liked Blasphemy and Impact....I'm not liking this one so far.  I'm about half way through.  I can guess what's going to happen and it's not very riveting so far.  We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cold War Choppers with Rotors and WIP

I had previously tried to purchase these rotors from Hurlbat, but they didn't have them.  Imagine how happy I was when I checked on a whim and there they were! 

Above is a pic of a Mil-24 Hind and Mil-8 Hip from GHQ, escorting some 2S9 SO-120s from CinC.  I recently received an order from CinC and was pleasantly surprised at the quality!  I've had these helicopters painted for a long time, but was waiting for the rotors to become available again.  They are very nicely made rotors - I picked up a bunch for future use.  Now to find that Mil-2 Hoplite I need to finish...

Here's a peek at what is on my miniature desk:

These are some of the miniatures I've had scuplted for years, but just didn't have the funds to get them released.  I'm working on painting up some for a kickstarter I'll be having in the near future.  You can see a ton of Dust miniatures and others in the background.  ;-)

Nacht Jager

To continue the weird war two theme, I have some Nacht Jager from Artizan Designs

I must say that I am INCREDIBLY pleased with how they came out.  I spent a bit more time on each figure and I think it shows.  I painted the body armour the luftwaffe blue colour, associated with Fallschirmjager.  I guessed from the helmet shape that that is what they are supposed to be like.  I added the FJ eagle to the armour, since the helmet had the little rivet sticking out on the sides. 

Painted while listening to:  Island 731 by Jeremy Robinson

This is my first Jeremy Robinson book.  I've looked at his stuff before, but thought it might be like the mass-produced Clive Cussler stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised to find no crazy over-the-top characters.  Of course, you have to still suspend belief while listening to it, but I thought it was a great book!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sturm Battalion Zorn and SOTR Trial Figure

I've been painting a ton of weird war two miniatures lately.  I finished some Sturm Battalion Zorn miniatures from Artizan Designs recently:

In searching for the link to the miniatures, I didn't realize that there were more of them!!!  Looks like I'll be having to place an order soon....   ;-)

These three were great fun to paint.  I kept the colours simple and dark, and added a few decals from Warlord Games to the helmet to add some detail.

I also had a go at the trial paint scheme for my West Wind Secrets of the Third Reich minis:

I have a lot of these miniatures to paint and I wanted something simple.  I opted out of doing camouflage on the coat as I thought it would make it look a bit too busy and take away from the look of the figure.  I really wanted the weird war two-ness of the body armour and mask to stand out.  I'm happy with how it came out and am working on his friends six at a time.

Painted while listening to:  The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn

Think of those mindless monster B-movies out there...that's what this is.  There's some monsters in the mountains and they kill people.  The characters were actually well fleshed out and probably the best part of the book.  Overall...meh.