Monday, 13 August 2012

Voodoo Practitioners

This week I have two Reaper miniatures for you, both of them specialists in the art of Voodoo! 

First up is Dr. VooDoo Super Villain (50121) - he was very easy to paint.  I wasn't sure what colour to paint the skull on his cane, so I thought I'd go with something a little garish to make it stand out.  I added a little blood on the base to make it seem like the chicken was just sacrificed in a voodoo ritual.  The base is from Fat Spider.

Lastly is Rhasia, Zombie Master (14512).  I must say I was a bit intimidated to paint her, but once I got started she practically painted herself.  I was a bit surprised when I read that she was sculpted by Julie Guthrie - it doesn't really look like her style to me.  I'm pleasantly surprised with how way the skin came out.  The base is just a lipped base filled in with White Putty and the tufts are Highland Tuft by Army Painter.

1 comment:

  1. Great paintjob on pleasant minis!
    His clothes 'tag' Dr Vooddo 'recent or contemporary' but Rashia could grace a 'Pirates' game.