Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kali Cultists

One cult done, next one started!  This time it is Kali cultists.  I picked up a pack of them from Pulp Figures, and will have to get some more for sure!   The one on the far left is a Thugee Cultist from Reaper.

One thing I hate about taking pictures is you can really see your mistakes!  So please forgive the sad painting. 

I stuck with the limited colours and liked the yellow that Bob Murch had in his catalogue pics, so I went with that.  I picked a similar base to the other cultists, but with a bit of a ruined theme to it, as I see them underground in a not-so-pristine temple.

They were great to paint, but the yellow took a little bit of extra time to get right.  Next week I'll have some of the new wolves from the Red Box Kickstarter!  I was very excited to get these, as I couldn't find any wolves suitable for a Gothic Horror style game.  None of the existing miniatures looked...scary, until now...


  1. What a fantastic group, love the colour palette.

  2. Gotta agree with Michael - the palette choice is excellent. Ties together very well, and I can totally see these fellows waylaying travelers on the back roads of India. Thuggee...