Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jarrem Lee - Ghost Hunter

I came across this series of radio dramas on audible a little while ago - Jarrem Lee, Ghost Hunter.  I LOVED IT!!!!  It's right up my alley, and follows along in the footsteps of Carnacki, John Silence and other occult detectives in the Victorian era. 

Keep in mind they are radio dramas and not audiobooks - they have the full sound effects added to them.  I am a fan of relic radio and the old radio dramas of the 1940's - 60's so this really fit the bill.

I loved the voice actor who played Jarrem Lee, but his chemist sidekick was abysmal!  He did get a little bit better over the six volumes, but not much.  Jarrem is basically Sherlock Holmes, but likes to draw pentagrams and fight off supernatural forces. 

If you are a fan of the old occult detectives or like radio dramas, check these ones out!

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