Monday, 10 November 2014

Lots more Spaceships!

I painted these spaceships from Zandris IV in two batches:

The Embassy Class Assault Carrier in the top picture (right) took me a while to finish, and the Diplomat Class Heavy Cruiser next to it took a bit longer too.  The rest of the ships are ones I have painted before, but I still had to use the old ones as a colour reference.

I also finally chose some fighters and bombers for my fleet:

They are all from Studio Bergstrom, from their "Star Warp Gate Universe" - I'm guessing that these are based on the Stargate series, but I've never watched it and I thought they looked cool.  I'll be using the ones on the left as multi-role fighters, the ones next to them are fighters/interceptors, and the other two on the right are bombers.  The stands are: top part is from Ground Zero Games, and the base is from Litko.

These were fun to paint, and I'm finishing up the biggest ship of them all right now.  :-)


  1. Love the painting. I've always liked this line of ships. The ships are based on the Homeworld video games on the PC. I love Homeworld 2 but just can never get very far into it before it overwhelms me. You captured the basic vibe of the game. You may want to do a search for some Homeworld images.

  2. Very cool, good colour scheme,, I like these ship designs.