Thursday, 4 December 2014

10mm World War Two Germans!

So it was fine for something a little different.  I've been wanting to do WW2 minis, but had a hard time deciding on the scale.  I have already done 28mm Fallschirmjager and Russians, but wanted something on a "bigger scale".  6mm was a bit too small - 10mm was perfect!

And of course the photographs show me every little mistake that I made.  *sigh*

I'm really enjoying this scale, and already have another German platoon and two Pak 40 anti-tank guns almost done.

The miniatures are all from Pendraken, and most of the poses are great.  I did them assembly-line, glued on wooden sticksThe bases are 25mm x 25mm ones from Minibits.  Fantastic bases!  I did the bases like an up-scaled version of the ones I did for the modern micro-armour.


  1. Oh yes, I know that feeling! "This looks rather nice!" *looks at photo of same mini* "Oh, hell, how did I miss that!"
    Well, they look fine to me.

  2. They look splendid! Especially considering the tiny scale...

  3. Very nice. I've been thinking of doing Flames of War using 10mm figures.