Sunday, 8 July 2012

Two Mad Scientists

I have completed two mad scientist-types:  Dr Frankenstein and a Mad Scientist.

Dr Frankenstein is from Heresy (as Dr Frankenmuller - UNDEAD017), and was very easy to paint.  He comes with an arm that you have to attach, and I had a bit of trouble keeping it stuck on.  I ended up having to put some filler on the shoulder in order to patch it up a bit.

The next mad scientist model is by far my favourite and had a great time painting the chemical concoction in the flasks (and which I think really makes the miniature "pop").  This is a Reaper miniature (Dr. Ervin Friedman, Mad Scientist - 50046) which was a pleasure to paint. 

Both miniatures are on resin bases by Fat Spider.


  1. Sweet job. Really like the frothing stuff in the flask and test tube.

  2. Very nice. Like the green substance in the phials.