Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bolt Action AAR and MG42 Pictures

Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet up with Grant to play a game of Bolt Action.  I was playing Fallschirmjager and Grant was US Airborne, 1000 point game.

The table at the beginning of the game

Grant sets up his forces, with a mean-looking Sherman behind the building.

You can see some of the FJ coming on my side of the table.

Grant's side of the table after the preparatory bombardment, which plopped on a lot of pins and allowed me to get on the table.

I've got most of the FJ on the table, and am in the cemetary.  Great cover, crappy to move through.

Grant moves his American up - that squad by the fences was there the entire game.

After taking a pot-shot at my mortar spotter, the Sherman moves in to attack.  The US troops move into (and behind) the house.  The LMG was firing out of the top floor window.

The remains of my squad tries to take cover after the American airstrike - they eventually perished from excessive pins in the ruins ahead of them.

I forgot about the Christmas trees!  They were our proxy for smoke being laid down by Grant's light mortars.  Honestly, they didn't really do much and eventually went off the table.  On the right, another FJ squad and the medic take cover behind a ruined building, while the command squad take refuge behind a shrub!

The FJ squad that was behind the building move into my brand-new 4Ground house, and would eventually take a risky gamble and assault (and destroy!) the US squad by the rock walls.  As a funny aside, you can see the FAO running away in the far left hand side of the picture, after a FUBAR check.

This was the biggest game we have played to date, approximately 1000 points.  I took the recoilless gun for the first time and it didn't do all that well, firing at the US squad behind the rock walls the entire game.

The sniper I had did okay - he took out one light mortar and I think the bazooka squad.  One of the best parts of the game was when I was able to get my panzerschrek team into the building in front of the Sherman and managed to get a shot off!  I didn't hit, and the schrek team got blown away about 10 seconds after, but it was cinematic!  ;-)

The mortar did well, like it did last time.  I really like having the spotter.

Gratuitous picture of Grant's cute dog, Pixie!  Please note the wagging tail.

I finished up the static MG42 Medium Machinegun in time for the game.  I like how it turned out, and really think that the helmet decals make the models pop and give them that extra little detail.  In the game, they peppered the squad in the middle house (and later behind the bushes) pretty much the entire game, and eventually got EXTREMELY blown away by the Sherman in the last part of the game.

I received my Warlord Games plastic Russians and metal Russian Artizan miniatures in the mail on Friday, and just finished up cleaning the metal ones up.  I also have a few more FJ minis - some Crusader ones this time, which are pretty good sculpts.  Hopefully I can get around to painting them up soon, as I'm really itching to!

And finally, a gratuitous dog picture - this time my dog-in-law Rocky:


  1. great write up I must get round to a game of bolt action, although would have to paint up a force first.
    Nice dogs BTW
    Peace James

  2. Nice report, like the FJ too, the MG42 is great.


  3. That does look awfully tempting! Great report and stunning looking game.

  4. Really fun looking game. That Pixie is pretty cute.