Saturday, 6 July 2013

Compagnie Franche de la Marine and 4Ground Buildings

Well, things are almost back to normal here in Calgary.  The flooding is gone and the cleanup is still going on.  Stampede is on, and the C-Trains are running again.

I do a lot of painting on the weekends, and this time I've got some French Marines done.

I decided to do my officers for Muskets and Tomahawks on lipped bases, to make them stand out from the regular soldiers.

They're not painted very well, but good enough for the tabletop!  All of the miniatures are from Conquest.  The only complaint I have with their miniatures is that sometimes the eyes are sooooooo small!  On some of the Indians I just gave up trying to paint them, since I can't even see them!  :-)

I got a delivery of French Regulars and some misc FIW minis on Friday, and started cleaning them up.

I picked up some of those 4Ground buildings just to give them a go.  I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not.  I must say that I do indeed like them...and building them was fun!

Every French Indian War game needs a cart!

This is one of the ruined buildings for WW2.  You can see the FIW minis waiting to be scraped clean in the background.

Above is a log cabin, with and without roof.  I really like how it has a removable roof, which makes it great to gave with!  And they don't have that laser-cut look like most of the laser cut buildings have...if you know what I mean.

I'm definitely going to pick up some more of these.  The pre-painted walls they have coming out are a must buy.

Next week I've have some more Fallschirmjager to show off.


  1. They all look rather splendid to me.

  2. Fantastic looking figures and building!

  3. Those figure look great!