Friday, 20 September 2013

Dockyard Mobsters

I've had my eye on the Brigade Games Merchant Crew I + II for a while now.  My gaming buddy threw out the idea of gangsters and when reading the Mad Dogs with Guns rules, I read the "Dockyard Rats" examples in the rulebook and immediately thought this would be a great excuse to get those figures!  :-)

On the right is my mobster chief, enjoying a tasty smoke.

The fellow on the right has a great pose, and is from the Merchant Marine Crew with Tommy Guns pack.

I've seen the miniature on the right done up as Tintin's captain buddy before, but didn't paint on the anchor for mine.  ;-)

All of these figures were a pleasure to paint.  I still have four more to go, but have to wait until I get more dock bases from Model Display Products.  Doing these was a great break from painting the WW2 Russians, which I will get back to eventually.  

I am working on assembling the T-34 and ZIS-3 and won't probably have time to get those done until my next two weeks off.

Up next....Nazi zombies!!!

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