Monday, 23 September 2013

Russian Partizans, The Fly and X-Tro

I have a bit of a mix for you today.  First up is some Russian partizans from Black Tree Designs.

These miniatures have a ton of character.  The young girl has a pack with a spare round LMG clip, and is a great assistant for the big LMG dude.

The bottom picture has some great red-necky Russian guys in it - great character again!
I am very happy with these BTD purchases and will pick up the rest in the near future.

Amongst my big purchase from Brigade Games, I picked up the mutant pack from the Atomic Cafe genre.  I got it because it has some great movie monsters in it and because they are sculpted by my friend Blackstone, who has sculpted some miniatures for me as well.

These were very fun to paint, especially The Fly.  I think the other is X-Tro, based on that silly horror movie from the 80's.  I am working on the other miniatures from the pack right now.

Tomorrow I head back to work for two weeks, so I will be absent again for a while.  I'll try and post any miniatures I get done today before I leave. 


  1. Great painting! These BTD Partisans are especially nice.

  2. Really dig the mutants!

  3. Nice work, Sir, in your inimitable style.