Thursday, 17 October 2013

6mm Cold War Soviet Infantry and Support Weapons

I have always been fond of the fictional Cold War gone hot genre.  I started painting up some tanks and AFVs quite a while ago, but was always hesitant to paint up some infantry elements.  I haven't really painted anything in that scale before and didn't know how to base them.  I had a go yesterday and I am very pleased with how they turned out.

On the left is a regular infantry squad, while on the right is a BRDM-2U? command vehicle - which will probably be used as a FAO in my games.

All three of these are heavy mortars, providing some heavy hitting support for my forces.

On the left and right are bipod-mounted heavy machine guns, with a sniper and spotter in the center.

I really took my time to work on the basing to make them look good.  They are all mounted on Litko plywood 1.5mm thick.  The first picture has 25mm bases, while the others are 20mm.

I added some very fine sand and bigger "rocks".  Then I painted the base brown, green and tan for the rocks.  I added multi-coloured flock in areas and bits of foam as "bushes".

All of the miniatures are from GHQ.  I really enjoyed painting these and already have another batch of infantry done.  :-)


  1. Awesome basing!

  2. Have to echo the comment on the basing - excellent work, and so key in particular for this scale. Great job man.

  3. Nice looking troops and great basing too.