Sunday, 17 May 2015

10mm WW2 Russians!

My friend Grant kindly took up an airbrushing commission to paint some WW2 Russian tanks, so I figured some infantry and support weapons were in order!

I did sixteen bases of various infantry, but the above gives you a selection of what was done.  All are Pendraken miniatures, which I find the best for infantry.  I'm already working on more of these, as you get a ton of miniatures with just the starter set and a few packs of add-ons.  My only gripe is that the Russians don't get quite a breadth of range/poses as compared to the Germans say.  

I did the bases a bit differently from the Germans I completed a while ago.  Oh, and I used "the dip" for these and they turned out perfectly!  It's ideal for 10mm.

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