Wednesday, 17 June 2015

10mm Escenografia Epsilon Buildings

I've been buying lots of 10mm WW2 infantry from Pendraken, and saw the Escenografia Epsilon buildings on their site - they looked great so I thought I'd give them a go.

I have mixed feelings for the buildings.  They are quite nice and come prepainted, but the amount of resin bubbles and "flash" I had to clean up was terrible.  I cleaned them up and then repainted them, dipped and highlighted them.  After that they looked good.  I don't regret getting them, but was disappointed that they were not really "ready to play" as they say on the site.  That being said, I will probably pick up the ones I don't have in the future as they do look good.

The miniatures in the above pictures were painted by JADawsonDesigns - I didn't want to overload my friend who usually airbrushes my stuff with too many commissions!  :-)

The windmill came with two broken arms, and lots of flash and bubbles.  I put it on a round base and flocked it.  I think it came out well!

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