Wednesday, 17 June 2015

10mm Russians with new Basing

I wanted to have more of a bleak look to my Russians, so on the next batch I changed up what I did to the basing:

I used German Ochre Camo from Vallejo as the base colour, then washed it in Army Painter Strong, then highlighted it with Vallejo Buff and highlighted some with Vallejo Light Grey.  I used lighter flocking and used a brown tuft to add something to make it pop.  I like how they turned out and will be using this colour scheme from now on.

You can see a few Nebelwerfers and a Flak 88 in the background of the second pic (both from Pendraken).  The infantry in these pictures were from Pithead, my first try with them and I like them!

I've been reading Battlegroup Kursk and it seems the Russians are in 8 man squads, so I changed up the basing to match that.  Worst case is I just put a few of my older bases together (like I will be doing with the Germans).   I've also started basing some N scale hedges from Faller.