Sunday, 12 July 2015

10mm WW2 Eastern Front Battle

I was lucky to finally have enough terrain and miniatures to play a game of Battlegroup Kursk with my 10mm miniatures.

Grant and I had a great time trying out the rules - definitely one of the best sets we've played so far!

The two above pics are the initial terrain setup on the table.  The buildings are all from Escenografia Epsilon (which I picked up at Pendraken).  See my previous posts for reviews on them.   The church is an N scale railroad model I picked up on eBay.  It has the cool Russian spire.  I was lucky to find it!  I still have to re-paint it and make a nice base for it.  I plan to magnetize the Epsilon buildings on bases as well.  You can see the Hotz felt fields, rubber roads and haystacks I mentioned in my previous post.

 Lots of Russians!!!  :-)  I pushed hard with the tanks to catch Grant off guard, and succeeded.  I had cleared most of the right side of the table before we called it a game. 

Probably one of my favourite buys - farm animals!!!!  I bought these on eBay and stuck them on some flocked bases.  They really add a little something extra to the game.

Grant's infantry didn't really see much action.  They crept along the left side of the table taking mortar fire.  If we hadn't called it a game when we did the infantry would have been stuck in with mine.  

It was just a trial game for both of us, and we really enjoyed the rules.  We played parts incorrectly and it will be good next time to see how it goes. 

Pooch pic!


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