Saturday, 11 July 2015

Haystacks, Roads, and Fields for 10mm WW2

I picked up a few various bits of terrain for my 10mm WW2 gaming.  

First up are some haystacks I bought from a seller on eBay:

They size up decently next to a Stug III G.  I think they were made for FOW, but works for me in 10mm.

I took a risk and ordered some of the Hotz felt fields.  They arrived in normal shipping time and are AWESOME!  I really like them and they add a lot to the battlefield.  I'll be posting pics of a recent game soon so you can see them in action.

Lastly I purchased some latex rubber roads from Monday Knight Productions.  I got a mix of various road types and painted and flocked them.  Took a while to do since I got a bunch of them, but well worth it!  

It was a bit pricey for the whack that I got, but well worth it as they will last.  They are extremely good for gaming and because of their flexibility can bend to rises or falls in terrain.  One thing I noticed is that the "dip" did not dry fully and was still tacky after two days of drying.  Weird!  I slapped on some PVA and that did the trick.

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  1. I have used some of the fields and they are fantastic!