Wednesday, 7 October 2015


More proxies done for playtesting the gothic horror rules - demons!  Capable of being summoned by witches and occultists, they are fierce creatures to come face to face with!

The above three are Hell Hounds by Heresy.  They are a b***h to assemble!  I used a two part epoxy glue to cement the parts together.  However, they are excellent sculpts and look great once completed.  I used "the dip" for all of the demons, with a highlight afterwards with red and orange.  I think they came all out great!

Both pictures above are miniatures from the Malifaux game.  The top ones I will use as Imps and the bottom three as minor demons.  I tried some fancy paintwork on the "smoke" effect.  All of the bases are from Model Display Products.  The lines are meant to represent summoning circles.

The last one is a Void creature that can be summoned.  It is a Reaper miniature from their Bones line.  Quite cheap and it was fairly easy to paint.  I just did a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone (not the dip) and a quick drybrush.

Miniatures painted while listening to:  Lord of All Things by Andreas Eschbach

It's an interesting book about nanotechnology and I enjoyed it, but it seemed a bit far fetched.  The start was really slow but zoomed along by the end. 

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