Friday, 30 October 2015

15mm Sci-Fi: The Dictators!

I wanted to try something a little different and decided to give 15mm sci-fi a go!  I picked up some miniatures from Khurasan that I liked (their website is currently down) and tried to make the paintjobs brighter than I usually would so they "pop" on the table.

Above you can see a crappy close-up picture of my test paint figure, and went with that colour scheme for the rest of the force.  The "Jungle Buggy" is a Hot Wheels car (I've since picked up a bunch more of them) that I will paint as transport.  It's called Aero Pod, which is a bit tricky with the Jungle Buggy name on it.  ;-)

I really tried to make the colours stand out and overexaggerate my highlights in order to make them stand out on the table.  I like the colour scheme I came up with and look forward to picking up more of these to paint!

I have some Clear Horizons Hura on the table next, and am prepping up a bunch more 15mm minis.

Painted while listening to:  Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is some very cool sci-fi!  I'm on to the second book now...   :-)

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