Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cult Leader

When I saw this miniature, I knew it had to be the leader of my cultists.  He's a big fella, as the picture below shows.  The miniature is Reaper's Pactmaster of Katapesh.

I have to admit that I got about half way through painting him and stopped, distracted with something new to paint.  I didn't want to add too many colours to him, as all of the other cultists have the limited colour palette of red and greys (with the odd brown mixed in).  The other two cultists were a bit rushed as well, but painted up easily.

The two human-sized cultists are the remaining two from the Pulp Figures pack I bought a while ago.  All of the bases are from Model Disply Products.

I've been working on some other Pulp Figures miniatures, their old-school Mounties - I'll post pictures of them next week.  And I think that's all of this style of cultists I will be doing for a while, but will be working on another type of cultist in the near future...


  1. Great colourscheme and execution, but damn he's big!

  2. My goodness he is a big fellow! Great job on a fabulous looking miniature Sir.

  3. Good palette on these, not too garish, wicked :)

  4. I like it! Well done. Great sense of mystery and strange menace with this fig and the paint accentuates that.