Friday, 1 March 2013

Demons and Evil Familiars

This week I've got something a bit different for you - a she-demon, Chupacabra, and two little demonic familiars.

After seeing a painted version of a Celtos miniature on eBay, I dug out my primed version of that miniature and set about to painting it!  Sadly, it has been sitting in my primed pile for about 8 years or so.

The version I saw on eBay had a green skin-tone, and I really liked the look if it, so I emulated it on mine.  I really like how the eyes turned out on her.  The base is one of the 30mm Ruined Flagstone resin bases from Fenris Games.

Next up is a Chupacabra from Reaper.  I don't know much about Chupacabras, but he looked cool and demonic so I picked him up.

I had to raise him up from the inset of the base to avoid covering up his feet with basing material.  I put down some plasticard and used a 2-part epoxy to cement him there (I couldn't pin the feet like I usually do).  I filled the base with white putty and put on some sand.  A very simple base, but I put some leaf litter on the ground to spice it up a bit.  Like the she-demon, I like how the eyes came out - simple but effective!

I felt like doing something quickly, so I grabbed some familiars I bought a long time ago. 

Both are from Reaper's Familiar Pack XI (I still haven't worked on the third miniature in the pack, but probably will soon).  Both are on 20mm bases and I just spread a bit of white putty on the base to provide a bit of texture.  I really like how the green one turned out and is my favourite!  I don't think the purple on is supposed to have an eye in the middle of his head, but I kept it there as it made him stand out.

Finally, here is a picture of them all:

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  1. I have stuff that was primed in 1979 that I haven't painted yet...
    The demons look very good too!