Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cultists, Dapper Man, Big Game Hunter and Devil Girl

I had a bit more free time last week, and managed to get through a few more cultists, an old Spyglass miniature, and two gentleman hunters.

I started painting some of the cowled cultists from Pulp Figures that I picked up a short time ago.  I almost have the other two finished as well, and will but them up soon.  I haven't started the little lectern that comes with the pack, but will probably finish it sometime when I want to paint something different/easy.

I used the usual grey and red combo, with some brown for the pants (which matches the colour of the book as well).  The bases are 30mm Regal Stone Bases from Model Display Products.  I think I enjoy their bases the most of all the ones I've tried so far!

I forgot I had this miniature!  I dug it out along with the she-demon a post or so ago.  I believe it is an old Spyglass figure, and don't know if it is sold anymore.  I'll be needing some demons/devils and this girl fits the bill!  The base is from Fenris Games (another great base manufacturer).  I like how the eyes turned out on her.

These last two chaps I have no idea where they are from!  I thought they were Copplestone, but couldn't find them on the site.  Anyway, here they are:

If I remember correctly, the bases are from Fenris Games

Next week we'll have the entire pack of Pulp Figures' Courageous Mountaineers to add to my even growing collection of Yeti hunters!


  1. The Demoness miniature is available from Andy Foster at Heresy Miniatures for £5. There is also an armored version. Andy bought a good many of the Spyglass/Eolith molds (if not all, I don't know) in 2011 when Steve Buddle went to work for GW.

  2. Those are good but the Demoness stands out!

  3. Very nice looking figures, really impressive! Love the monks...

  4. Although Bob Murch's sculpting style on Pulp Figures doesn't agree with me, it's a nice line with some great characters. The scheme you used on these cultists is nice, sort of "corrupted secret fraternity/Masons" or something like that.