Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cold War Choppers with Rotors and WIP

I had previously tried to purchase these rotors from Hurlbat, but they didn't have them.  Imagine how happy I was when I checked on a whim and there they were! 

Above is a pic of a Mil-24 Hind and Mil-8 Hip from GHQ, escorting some 2S9 SO-120s from CinC.  I recently received an order from CinC and was pleasantly surprised at the quality!  I've had these helicopters painted for a long time, but was waiting for the rotors to become available again.  They are very nicely made rotors - I picked up a bunch for future use.  Now to find that Mil-2 Hoplite I need to finish...

Here's a peek at what is on my miniature desk:

These are some of the miniatures I've had scuplted for years, but just didn't have the funds to get them released.  I'm working on painting up some for a kickstarter I'll be having in the near future.  You can see a ton of Dust miniatures and others in the background.  ;-)


  1. Those look choppers really great. I've actually recently started a 10mm Falklands project and am currently looking at rules. I think I'll settle on Cold War Commander.

  2. Excellent looking choppers. I think these rotors really make them stand out.