Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sturm Battalion Zorn and SOTR Trial Figure

I've been painting a ton of weird war two miniatures lately.  I finished some Sturm Battalion Zorn miniatures from Artizan Designs recently:

In searching for the link to the miniatures, I didn't realize that there were more of them!!!  Looks like I'll be having to place an order soon....   ;-)

These three were great fun to paint.  I kept the colours simple and dark, and added a few decals from Warlord Games to the helmet to add some detail.

I also had a go at the trial paint scheme for my West Wind Secrets of the Third Reich minis:

I have a lot of these miniatures to paint and I wanted something simple.  I opted out of doing camouflage on the coat as I thought it would make it look a bit too busy and take away from the look of the figure.  I really wanted the weird war two-ness of the body armour and mask to stand out.  I'm happy with how it came out and am working on his friends six at a time.

Painted while listening to:  The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn

Think of those mindless monster B-movies out there...that's what this is.  There's some monsters in the mountains and they kill people.  The characters were actually well fleshed out and probably the best part of the book.  Overall...meh.

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