Friday, 15 June 2012

Corso, Ghast, and a Pug!

I have a few miniatures to show you today.  All of them have better base-work than Witch Hazel (see my first post), but are still "tabletop standard" in my opinion.  Mostly dry-brushed with a bit of touch-up afterwards.  I used Vallejo and GW paints.  First off is Corso (Reaper Miniatures), who looks very similar to a certain character in The Ninth Gate...

On the base is some static grass and Antenociti's Workshop leaf litter.

Next is Reaper's Necropolis Ghast (14502):

I gave the ghoul a wash of dark purple to give it an off-looking hue.

Lastly is a pug from Reaper Miniatures Familiar Pack IV (02756):

The grass is Army Painter's Highland Tufts.

I made him with a cataract in one eye, like my dog-in-law Rocky.  A ferocious and anti-social character in real life, he should be a match for just about anyone on the tabletop!

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