Saturday, 9 June 2012

First Post and Sad Attempt at Painting!

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I've set this blog up to help document my painting progress and post any other ramblings I care to share.  I have just recently gotten over a very long dry painting spell, and have gotten back into things all of a sudden.  I'm hoping that posting on the blog will help keep up my momentum and interest.

I've gone with a decent tabletop painting standard with most of the miniatures I've been doing recently, so don't expect any golden demons here!  Quickly painting them keeps my interest and gives me a sense of accomplishment, so for now I'll focus less on detail and more on speed.

This Hasslefree miniature (HFA 041 - Witch Hazel) was the first model I painted since getting back in the painting groove.  The picture is weird and it looks like there's something wrong with one of her eyes, but it's fine in real life...I'll get the hang of picture-taking eventually!

The base was done plainly, with just painted sand - I'm working on some more detailed bases now, and am quite pleased with how they are coming out!

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