Monday, 25 June 2012

Holmes, Watson and The Ripper!

I've finished another three Reaper miniatures.  Again, I'm going for a tabletop painting standard and not a golden demon!  First off is Sherlock Holmes (Reaper 50059), which is currently my favourite version of him on the market (so far).  I like the fact that the miniature came with a variety of hand options - I used the lantern and the book.  I pictured Holmes tracking his foe at night in the moor...

You can't have Holmes without Watson...

This is Reaper miniature Dr. John Watson (50060) and again he came with a number of hand options, which is a great addition.

A worthy foe for Sherlock is Jack the Ripper (Reaper 50012).  I went for a dark blue highlight instead of grey.  He had a selection of hand options as well (I think the others were straight razors).

Jack's base is from Fat Spider Casting, which are very nice resin bases!  I'd recommend you check them out, as they have a good selection and are of a very good quality.  I've had a few bubbles, but nothing too serious.

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