Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cultists and Ticks

I managed to get a lot of prepping and basing done over the holidays.  Also, I was able to finish off a few Reaper cultists and ticks.  I had the cultists half-painted on by table for a long time, and finally bit the bullet and finished them off.  I don't know why I took so long in getting them done, as they were quite easy to paint.

The cultists are Reaper's Townsfolk: Cultists and Victim (03312), without the victim.  Oh, I almost forgot about the fire in front of them.  I meant to take a picture of the fire with the tents I posted previously.  It's a pewter fire from the Lord of the Rings minis - the Weathertop boxed set, set on a mdf base.  The cultist in the middle is Reaper's Aglanda, Herald of Razmir (60136).  I don't know what she's supposed to be in the Pathfinder universe, but I'm going to be using her as a cultist leader.  I painted the base (from Model Display Products) with some paint lines of it, to represent a ritual circle.

Sometimes I like to paint something different - when I saw the Prarie Tick Queen I knew I just had to paint her! 

Along with her are some Prarie Ticks, which I just drybrushed to get them done quick.  They were fast to paint and gave me something different to paint, instead of the same old humans.  I really like how the eyes came out on the queen.


  1. What miniature is that in the middle I recognize the other two from "Townsfolk: Cultists and Victim" but cannot find the other and it looks like he matches them????

  2. Hey Jordan! It's a Reaper Pathfinder miniature: Aglanda, Herald of Razmir