Monday, 14 January 2013

Mummies and a Reporter

I managed to get some painting done last week - I went with something I could get done quick and easy, as I didn't have all that much time.  Cue the entry of Reaper's mummies...

I put them on lipped bases, filled the base in with white putty and did a quick paintjob on them all.  I think one of them had a sword, but I don't like my mummies having weapons, so I hacked it off.  Now he looks like he's ready to punch somebody. 

I also finished up another miniature I had half done, Reaper's Muckraker (59034).

I was looking for a Victorian-era reporter figure, and really liked the way this one looks.  I didn't spend too much time on him, but really like the way the cobblestones turned out.  I've never done it multi-colour like that before.  I picked up the base from Model Display Products.

I've got a lot of miniatures in the works, and my order from Pulp Figures arrived last week and I've been prepping them up.  I've never painted any of them before, but am looking forward to getting some Yeti explorers done!

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  1. Nice work, Wally. I'm in agreement: Mummies don't need weapons. Just a cup of Tanna leaf tea three times a day.