Sunday, 27 January 2013

Spray Disaster!

So I was putting some Dullcote on my latest batch of painted miniatures, and when I look at them the next day, there's these little white specks on them all over the front!  ARGH!!!  I've never had that happen before - I've heard of other people having things like this happen to them, but never me.  Oh well, I guess it was about time it happened to me.  Anyways, I've cleaned them up a bit, but you can see some of the flecks still on the pictures.

This is one of the two Yeti that I like from Reaper - Yeti Warrior (14582).  I painted him in a grey colour, mainly because I wanted him to blend in with how I painted my Copplestone Yeti a long, long time ago.  I also figure that he would be grey/white to blend in with the snow and rocks in Tibet.  The base is a 40mm Snow Terrain base from Model Display Products.

Here's a funny one - Reaper's Sasquatch (50011).  I picked him up in case I wanted to run a bigfoot scenario, but based him in snow so he can stand in as a yeti in case of an emergency.  The base is from the same company as the Yeti's above.

When I saw this guy, I thought he'd be perfect for a cultist assassin.  It's actually Elnith, Astral Reaver Monk from Reaper (03540).  I tried about five times to do the pentagram on his chest, but it ended up looking like a big red mess.  I finally got it on the sixth try - it's not perfect but good enough to calm my anger!  :-)

To continue on with my terrain trend - it's a tiki totem.  I know it's the wrong geographic location, but I'll probably use it with my Amazon Indians.  The tiki is from a game I came across at Barnes and Noble (when I was shopping in the US) called Big Kahuna.

There's lots of plastic tikis in the box, and I just based and flocked them on some MDF.

Sorry for the crappy miniatures this time, hopefully my spraying skills will return to normal next week...Pulp Figures!

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  1. Nice job on the painting, and clean up of spots, Sir. Interesting group of minis.