Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Year End Review and 2013

2012 was a good and bad year.  The start of the year began with some health and work problems, both of which were way better by the end of the year.  Around mid-year, I started this blog as an encouragement to keep painting, and I'm very glad I did - I have painted more miniatures in the past half year than I have in ages!!! 

I'm thankful for all of the fellow bloggers out there who post their painted miniatures on their blogs and show their battle reports and miniature adventures.  Without them, a blog done by myself probably wouldn't have surfaced.  I look forward to seeing what everyone I'm following comes out with in 2013!

In late April/early May I'll be moving into our new house, which is currently being built.  I look forward to having a permanent man-cave and should have a lot more room to play around in!

Here's a few Renedra tents I've finished:

Plans for 2013 are:

  1. Keep painting the Gothic Horror-themed figs
  2. Playtest the horror ruleset I've been working on for my company, Harwood Hobbies
  3. Finish my accounting course asap and get out of my current job
  4. I'm considering starting and Indiegogo campaign to get the miniatures I had sculpted a few years ago into production and put onto the website.  All I'm lacking is the funding for production, so shouldn't cost too much to finish off.  I think this will be a go for 2013, but will have to finish my course first to get the time to do this.
  5. Work on my 15mm Assyrians - I've started this and hope to have all of the miniatures completed by the end of the year
  6. Try to keep a budget of $50-75 a month on miniatures

We'll see how I do in 2013 and feel very hopeful about this upcoming year.  I hope everyone has a good 2013!!!


  1. And a prosperous new year in all your ways, Mr. Harwood.

  2. I'd support an Indiegogo campaign for Harwood Hobbies! :-)