Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sherpas and Porters

I'll be needing some guides and porters to show the way and carry the expedition's equipment in their search for the Yeti.  I picked up some Copplestone sherpas (I still haven't painted the yaks) and some Pulp Figures porters in order to do just that!

The sherpas are from Copplestone's BU32 Tibetan Yak Caravan - it also comes with three baggage yaks, but I'll have to wait painting those as I don't have the right size of base for them.  The pack actually comes with a third sherpa, but it broke right in half when I was cleaning the flash on it!

I've NEVER had that happen before, and I've been cleaning figures for many, many years.  Mark Copplestone was great when I contacted him about it, and sent out a replacement right away.  Great service from Mark!

In a recent Pulp Figures order, I picked up a pack of Chinese Baggage Carriers.  They were very easy to paint and I had these done in no time.  The only funny thing that I noticed about two of the sculpts is that they have vampire teeth!

Maybe they're masquerading as porters, just waiting for their chance to strike! 

All of the miniatures were based on lipped bases filled with white putty and Woodland Scenics snow effect glued on top with white glue (in two coats).

Next week I'll have some demons and evil familiars for your viewing pleasure!

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