Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

I've had these West Wind miniatures for a long time, sitting primed in my ready-to-paint drawer for years! 

I'm not a huge fan of the West Wind sculpts, but they are very easy to paint.  I wanted to try out a new fluorescent yellow paint that I picked up, and this was a good opportunity to do just that!  As the bases on the miniatures are so bulky, I couldn't clip them off and put them on a resin base (I would have liked to put them on cobblestone bases).  Instead, I just filled in a lipped base with white putty and added some static grass and tufts.

On the workbench are all of those Fallschirmjager that I posted last time.  I've been churning them out quite quickly, and am just waiting for the helmet decals to come from Warlord Games to post them on here.


  1. Nice figures - or should be nice figure and a brute!


  2. I like the minis. The faces are great! Lovely painting.

  3. Fabulous job and a great solution for the bulky base problem.