Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cast a Deadly Spell

Day two of the bachelor weekend ends up with a ton of painting and some yummy taquitos while watching Cast a Deadly Spell.  This is another one of those movies that I've been meaning to watch forever but never felt in the mood/got around to it.

Packed with stars, this Lovecraft-inspired movie really brought across a 40's noir.  In this world, magic exists and the protagonist (Lovecraft) is the only private detective that has not taken up using magic.  An interesting story ensues, the Necronomicon turns up and David Warner (love that guy!) gets eaten by an Old One.

Now that I've finished it, I realize that I did see the very end of the movie on TV a long time ago.  Overall, it was good and I enjoyed it - especially the casting the runes part (being an M.R. James fan, this part really sttod out).  It's not really my type of movie, but I'm glad I watched it as it does really stand out and the Lovecrafty goodness was better than some of the "Lovecraft" movies that I've seen!  :-)

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  1. Ha, I loved this movie! (Well, more for the not to Cthulhu mythos than anything else.) I seem to remember a nasty playing card scene...