Friday, 3 May 2013

Karna Cultists and Demoness on Altar

When I was rooting around my box of unpainted miniatures, I found a pack of the LOTR Watchers of Karna - I totally forgot I had them!  I thought they'd make some great Kali Cultists.  I didn't paint the one figure with the bow as it didn't seem like it belonged.

I don't know if the yellow "skirt" seems a bit too much, but I wanted to limit the colours I was using.  I didn't paint the eyes as they were rather hard to get to.  The bases are the same ones I used with the other Kali cultists, from Fenris Games.

Here's another miniature I knew I had, but had the hardest time finding where I put it.  However, as a result I found the Karna miniatures posted above in addition to this one:

The demoness is from Hasslefree, and the Altar and Candles are from Reaper.  I was inspired by this miniature painted by Amon Chakai on Cool Mini or Not.  I wanted to challenge myself with some serious skin tones, and this miniature fits the bill!  I did not pin the miniature to the altar, so I can sit her on the altar she came with (which I haven't painted yet), or anything else she can fit on.

I just realized I haven't painted her horns...ooops!  I'll have to fix that.  I like how the reds came out for her hair and the blood on her feet.  I put some gloss varnish on the feet to make the blood look shiny. 

I've had the altar and candles half-painted on my painting table for a few months.  I finally got sick of seeing them sitting there mocking me and just got them done.  :-)  I really like how they all came out so I'm happy I sucked it up and got them completed.

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