Saturday, 11 May 2013

Urban War Viridians

Okay, so it is time for something a little different....Viridians by Urban Mammoth for their Urban War game.  I've had these sitting around for years, and was a little bit intimidated by them (you know how it is).  After thinking a little bit about what was bothering me, I was intimidated by the camo issue. camo.  It was that easy!  ;-)

The special forces troops were pretty easy to paint actually.  When I saw all the grenades and detail on them I was a bit put off, but once I got going I didn't really care.  I did a little bit of edge highlighting on the armour bits, which I think turned out well.

After the special forces guys I thought I'd mix it up by doing this sergeant character.  She was super easy to paint, surprisingly.  I like how her hair and face came out.

I really like the pose on the guy with the bazooka, and kept the green colour theme with the rocket heads.

This HMG is pretty cool.  The Viridians have a definite German feel to their weapons, and you really get that vibe with this heavy machine gun.  I had to add a few little bricks to the base to support the front leg of the tripod.  The bottom part of the tripod was a little fiddly to put on to the model, but I persevered and got it on okay.

This is the spotter for the HMG above.  He was easy to do, as the face is covered.

All of the bases are new-ish 30mm Industrial Rubble ones from Model Display Products.  I must say that they did have some bubbles in them, but since it is supposed to be rubble it kind of mixes in.

Next week are some West Wind gothic horror miniatures, but I'm also working on some Artizan and Bolt Action Fallschirmjager miniatures for an upcoming game of Bolt Action...


  1. I like em. Nice work mate!

  2. Really nice work. I like 'em too.