Saturday, 10 August 2013

Russian LMG Teams, Commissar, and Sniper

I have some more Russians for you this week.  This time some Light Machine Gun teams, a Commissar and Sniper.  All are from Artizan Designs.

I'm happy with how these miniatures turned out.  The star on the helmet of the commissar is a bit too big, but it was the smallest one I had!  I'll have to find a source for some smaller ones.  I just wanted the guy to stand out a bit more on the tabletop...

I think the faces turned out well, especially on the LMG teams.  I like the fuzzy hats and went with a grey colour for them - I'm thinking of differentiating different units by the colour of their hats.

One weird thing is that the commissar's pistol hand....didn't have any fingers on the back!!!  Luckily I have the plastic box from Warlord Games and on the weapon sprue is a hand with pistol!  So I chopped off the mutant gun hand and put on the plastic one.  I can't really tell that I did that so I think it turned out well.


  1. Totally dig these - and nice Stalin meme LOL

  2. These are wonderfully done, lovely painting Sir.

  3. Great looking minis! Love the colors and the faces...