Friday, 23 August 2013

Russian Commissar, Flag Girl and Tank Hunters

I had this week off, and have been doing crazy amounts of painting!  I have only been posting some of the many, many Russians I have painted.  Here's a pic of the red horde so far:

I just finished assembling the two storey house yesterday.  The bare miniatures at the bottom right are future Harwood Hobbies releases!  :-)

Here's some pictures of another commissar and the forward air observer:

I used some decals from an old tank kit I had sitting around.  I like the colour of the hats, and have been using that scheme for the unassociated or miscellaneous officers, etc.  Flag girl (as I call her) is a Bolt Action mini, and the commissar is from Artizan.

I have a lot of flamethrower miniatures for some reason, and I painted up a couple from Black Tree Designs.

The above four miniatures are my tank hunters, made from the Warlord Games plastic set.  The plastic minis grew on me a bit, but I still prefer metal.  The guy in the first picture on the right looks a bit dodgy - I don't know what the sculpted facial features were supposed to be.  Maybe of asian heritage?  

Doing double damage on tanks really make them dangerous!

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  1. That is a productive looking desk! Love the flag girl, but the molotov cocktails are superb!